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Services we offer:

  • Sports injuries

  • Musculoskeletal pain/injuries

  • Neurorehabilitation

  • Concussion treatment/management

  • Pre & Post Op rehabilitation

  • Chronic pain management

Fee Schedule:

(as of June 1, 2023)

Initial Assessment (including treatment)[45 minutes]:

  • $95

Follow-up Treatments [30 minutes]

  • $75

Follow-up 'check-in' treatment [15 minutes]

  • $50

*Fees are inclusive of all physiotherapy treatment techniques and any essential communication for your care. Any additional reporting that is requested may be charged at an hourly rate.

Direct Billing

Direct billing is available for most insurance plans for physiotherapy services. If you would like us to try to direct bill your plan please let us know.  

*NOTE we do not do OHIP covered physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Services

We offer a wide range of physiotherapy services and please contact us if you have any specific questions about your care.

Better yet, we would love for you to come by Activate Physiotherapy for a meet and greet, get to know your physio, and see the space that we work in.  We are happy to have a free consultation and explanation if and how physiotherapy can help you.

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